Decision on acquiring an affiliate's shares (CJ CheilJedang)


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1. Profile of the investee
   - Company name: Sementes Selecta S.A., a subsidiary in Brazil
   - CEO: Mauricio Mendes
   - Paid-in capital: KRW 74,963,257,600 (895,549,690 shares issued)
   - Main business: Production of soy protein concentration (SPC) and soybean oil
2. Details of acquisition
   - Number of shares to be acquired: 85,994,721shares (KRW 360 billion)
   - Total equity: KRW 6,062 billion (5.9% of total equity)
3. Ownership after the acquisition: 85,994,721 shares (90% ownership)
4. Method of acquisition: Cash payment
5. Purpose: Expansion of the vegetable high protein foods business
6. Date of acquisition: Aug. 04, 2017
7. Date of conclusion by the BOD: Jun. 12, 2017 (4 outside directors attended.)


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