Disaffiliation of a subsidiary


1. Details of a subsidiary
   - Company name: CJ E&M
   - President: Sung-soo Kim
   - Main business: Broadcasting, films, music, and art performance businesses
   - Summarized financial statements (as of the end of 2017)
     Total assets: KRW 3,758,920 million
     Total liabilities: KRW 1,510,219 million
     Total equity: KRW 2,248,701 million
     Paid-in capital: KRW 193,660 million

2. Ownership: 39.4% with 15,245,201 shares (before disaffiliation)

3. Equity amount to assets: 19.7% (KRW 559,422 million) (before disaffiliation)

4. Number of subsidiaries after disaffiliation: 7 companies

5. Reason of disaffiliation: Merger with CJ O Shopping

6. Date of disaffiliation: Jul. 2, 2018


Report on ownership change of a major shareholder
Disaffiliation of a subsidiary