Decision on the acquisition of other company shares (CJ Foods DE Corp.)


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1. Issuing company profile
   - Name: Schwan's Company, U.S.
   - Representative director: Dimitrios Smyrnios
   - Paid-in capital: KRW 68,366,397
   - No. of shares issued: 6,037,301 common shares
   - Main business: Food manufacturing

2. Details
   - No. of shares to be acquired: 6,036,385 shares
   - Acquisition cost: KRW 2,088,145.6 million (7.12% of shareholders' equity)

3. Total number of shares after the acquisition: 6,036,385 shares (Ownership: 99.98%)

4. Method: Cash investment

5. Purpose: Accelerating global food business by entering the U.S. market

6. Scheduled date of acquisition: -

7. Date of conclusion by the BOD: Nov. 15, 2018


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