Spin-off of a business division (CJ CheilJedang)


* CJ CheilJedang, a subsidiary

1. Method: Physical spin-off as of Jul. 01, 2019

2. Purpose:
   - Maximizing corporate value by focusing capability on flagship business and enhancing professionalism through the spin-off of biotic resources business
   - Conducting intensive investments in core businesses by effectively responding to changes in market condition and regulatory environment

3. Impacts: No change in and impact on share ownership and consolidated financial statements due to simple and physical spin-off

4. Spin-off ratio: No calculation of spin-off ratio due to simple and physical spin-off method that remaining company owns whole shares of the new company

5. Remaining company
   - Name: CJ CheilJedang
   - Assets: KRW 8,476,880,515,056 liabilities: KRW 3,715,556,608,260
     Equity: KRW 4,761,323,906,796 paid-in capital: KRW 81,908,095,000
   - Sales of the remaining company in the latest fiscal year: KRW 5,452,618,222,379
   - Main business: Foods, biotechnology, and logistics
   - Listing after the spin-off: Yes

6. New company
   - Name: CJ Biotic Resources Co., Ltd.
   - Assets: KRW 379,639,140,155 liabilities: KRW 112,645,858,612
     Equity: KRW 266,993,281,543 paid-in capital: KRW 500,000,000
   - Sales of new company in the latest fiscal year: KRW 593,113,405,814
   - Main business: Sales and distribution of feed, agricultural development at home and abroad, cultivation and       sales of agriculture, fisheries, and livestock, etc.
   - Listing after the spin-off: No

7. Expected date of shareholders’ meeting: May 31, 2019

8. Date of spin-off: Jul. 01, 2019

9. Date of spin-off registration: Jul. 04, 2019

10. Date of resolution by the BOD: Apr. 15, 2019 (Four outside directors attended.)


Nomination of an outside director